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Sons of the Forest – How to Get All Endings



All Endings

Sons of the Forest is an Open-World Survival game but since the game has a story so, you will get to have an ending. However, there are multiple endings to this game and the choices that you will make in the game will grant you the ending accordingly.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how you can get all Endings in Sons of the Forest.

All Endings in Sons of the Forest

There are three different endings in Sons of the Forest that players can get depending upon the choices they made. These endings are described as the following.

  1. BAD Ending
  2. GOOD Ending
  3. BEST Ending

All three of these endings will also unlock an achievement relevant to the ending that you had.

How to Get Bad Ending

Once you have obtained all the required items for the ending of the story and made your way through the Golden Door, you will see the Multi Billionaire named “Edward Puffton” who you saw the picture of at the very beginning of the game. He will land from the Helicopter and you will get to make a choice.

The game will not tell you that it is a choice but you will see two things on your screen. One is Helicopter and the other is Backpack. If you decide to get your Backpack, the Helicopter will leave without you and you will be stuck on the Island forever which is the Bad Ending. You will also unlock the “Fight Demons” Achievement by making this choice because you will get to continuously fight enemies.

Bad Ending

How to Get Good Ending

You will have to obtain all the necessary items for the Good Ending as well and once you are at the end with the Helicopter, you will have to choose the Helicopter instead of the Backpack. By choosing the Helicopter, you will sit inside the Helicopter and leave the Island for good. It will unlock the “Fought Demons” Achievement for you and the credits will start rolling.

Good Ending

How to Get Best Ending

For the Best Ending, you will have to do a bit more than collecting the necessary items. You will have to keep kelvin alive as well as make Virginia your companion. Virginia is the Three-Legged and Three-Armed lady who you were seeing throughout your gameplay. She can be recruited by simply staying still.

Best Ending

Once you have recruited her, she will become your companion. After that, you just have to gather the necessary items for the story and at the end, you will have to select the Helicopter. It will let all of your allies into the Helicopter as well alongside you. By doing this, you will unlock the “Keep Your Friends Close” Achievement.

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