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Sons of the Forest – How to Get Katana




Players will find a lot of Melee Weapons in Sons of the Forest but the most powerful Melee Weapon in the game in terms of dealing damage is Katana. It is also the last Melee Weapon that you can get in Sons of the Forest. It can cut off the enemies by hitting them with a hard attack or running attack.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get Katana in Sons of the Forest.

Katana Cave Location

Katana can be found in the cave on the Southeast side of the map. You can find this cave at the base of the Mountain. The cave is marked with interest point on your GPS Tracker. However, before you get to this cave, you will have to get the VIP Keycard in order to unlock the door inside the cave.

Katana Cave Location

Katana Location

Katana can be found on the Level 2 of the building in the first room of the 2nd Corridor. You will be able to get to the Level 2 of the building after the story cutscene in the building.

Getting the Katana

Once you have entered the Cave, go along the path to reach inside the building. Go down the staircase to reach the locked door. Scan the VIP Keycard to unlock the door. Go ahead to reach a Yellow Door. Interact with it to start a cutscene. After the cutscene, go straight to reach the staircase. Go down the Staircase to reach the Level 2 of the building.

Go inside the Level 2 and pass through the first corridor and go to the second corridor. Go inside the first opened door in the corridor and you will find the Katana placed on the holder. Interact with the Katana to pick it up.

Katana Location

If you have run out of bullets then katana is your best option to deal with the end-game monsters and enemies.

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