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Diablo 4 lost its leading game designer



Diablo 4 lost its leading game designer

Things are not going well for Blizzard. Veterans of the Studio prefer to work on their own projects, the company’s branch in France is closing, and the long-awaited addition WoW: Shadowlands never appeared in stores as originally planned. However, it has already received a new release date, and the project is supported by David Kim, a developer who has worked on Diablo IV for more than three years.

Before that, the designer worked for 13 years on StarCraft 2 with add-ons and Heroes of the Storm. The switch to another team was announced by a Reddit user who tracked changes to Kim’s LinkedIn profile. The veteran of the Studio received the title of leading game designer and two months ago started working on a well-known MMO.

What does this mean? World of Warcraft has such big problems that it took a very experienced designer like Kim. It is unlikely that Diablo 4 is at such an advanced stage of production that it does not need it. Or Blizzard found a more talented candidate to replace him – Joe Piepior, who previously also worked on Heroes of the Storm and Diablo 4.

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