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Pokémon Sword and Shield players claim that Crown Tundra “breaks” the game’s main story



Game Freak reveals the greatest challenge in creating Crown Tundra of Pokemon Sword/shield

As you all know, since 23 October, the second part of the expansion pass called Crown Tundra has been available to all Pokémon Sword and Shield players. This DLC pass has been available since the launch of the first part, called The Island of Armor, although it was blocked until that date.

Well, a week after its launch, several players report that the design of the new content has a major flaw, as they say it “breaks the game”. And we don’t mean that it cracks it or anything, but that many players have started a new game with a different profile on their console and when they arrive at the Wild Area, something that doesn’t take long, they can already access the contents of the DLC (obviously if they have bought it previously). So far so good, the problem comes when they can already capture very high level Pokémon and participate in Dinamax Adventures, which guarantee a 100% legendary Pokémon if we reach the end and defeat it.

This means that whether you start a new game or are a new player, “the main story of the game is broken” because you already have Pokémon that are too powerful for everything you’re about to encounter, such as the different gyms. It’s not lost on anyone that the difficulty level of the main game is quite low, but this way it’s directly non-existent. For more inri as they are not Pokémon transferred from other games, as they come from the DLC itself, such Pokémon do not disobey the orders of their trainers and can be used without problem in the main story.

While the idea of releasing a two-part expansion pass to extend the base content of the game, rather than releasing a third instalment, may be a priori beneficial, what is clear is that it “breaks the main story” for players who have purchased it, making it possible for players who have paid for it to acquire much more powerful Pokémon more quickly than players who have not purchased it. Obviously, no one forces you to play that way and use them, so you can follow the main story as if the DLC didn’t exist and leave it for the end, but the possibility is there.

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