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Diablo IV: How to Respec Your Skills



Diablo IV: How to Respec Your Skills

One of the core elements of the game that you quickly want to learn is Respec your Skills. The Respec Mechanic will allow players to unlearn the skills that they have learned by leveling up their character and then reuse the skill points to learn the different abilities in the Skill Tree to try out the other builds for the character. It is one of the most useful mechanics in the game as you can easily learn a skill that you didn’t want or you thought was impressive but didn’t impress you on using it. So, in order to undo your mistake in terms of learning the skills, the Respec Mechanic is your friend.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to Respec your Skills in Diablo IV.

How to Respec Your Skills in Diablo IV

The Respec Mechanic will unlock as soon as you hit Level 2 and unlock the first skill. If you go to the Abilities Tab and look at the Skill Tree, you will see an option of Refund All. Now, this option means to refund all of the spend skill points that you have spent in unlocking the skills as well as ranking the skills to increase their effects. Once you have refunded all of the skills, you will have the exact same skill points that you have spent which will allow you to reuse the skill points either in the same skills as well as other skills to test out a new build for your character.

Now, the Refund All option is not much effective because it will zero your skills and will affect all of the skills which probably you don’t want. So, the best approach to Respec your Skills is to refund the skills that you don’t want. Simply hover over the skills and you will get the option to refund it alone and then you can use the gained skill point on another skill you want. Using this method will not affect the other skills that you have learned and the skills that you have ranked.

How to Respec Your Skills in Diablo IV

Reallocating your Skills will not cost you anything until you are Level 15 but once you have reached Level 16, it will cost you gold on each respec. Meaning, the higher level you reach and you choose to Respec a Skill, the higher amount of Gold you will have to pay in order to Respec the Skill. Keep in mind that, each skill will cost a certain amount of gold according to the level so make sure to map out the Skill Tree and read the description of the skill before learning the new skills in the late game.

Other than that, this mechanic is fairly useful and will help you a lot in trying out different approaches to enemies.

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