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Diablo IV: How to Sell Items



Diablo IV: How to Sell Items

In Diablo IV, players will come across numerous items throughout their adventures that they can store in their inventory. While some of these items may be useful for their character builds, others may not serve a purpose. Instead of discarding these items, players have the option to sell them and earn valuable currency or gold. Here’s a guide on how to sell items in Diablo IV.

Where to Sell Items in Diablo 4

To sell items in Diablo IV, players can visit various vendors scattered across the World of Sanctuary. These vendors can be found in major settlements as well as smaller towns throughout the game. One of the earliest settlements players will encounter is Kyovashad, located in the Fractured Peaks region.

Upon reaching Kyovashad, players can locate the Weapons and Armor Shop, situated near the town’s portal area. Interact with the vendor to access the shop’s items on the left side of the screen and your own inventory on the right side. Switch to the “Sell” tab to view your inventory and proceed to hover over the items you wish to sell. On PlayStation, press the X button, and on PC, right-click to sell the selected items.

Diablo IV: How to Sell Items

It’s worth noting that the most recently sold items will appear in the Buyback slots within the Shop Items menu. If you accidentally sell an item that you need, you can repurchase it from the Buyback slots for the same amount of gold. However, keep in mind that you can only buy back items from the eight most recently sold items. If you have sold more than eight items, older items will be replaced and cannot be repurchased.

Selling items in Diablo IV is a convenient way to earn gold and clear up inventory space for more valuable items. Remember to visit different vendors throughout your journey to maximize your selling opportunities and accumulate wealth in the world of Sanctuary.

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