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Diablo IV Reduces the Spawn Time of Malignant Monster in Patch 1.1.2



Diablo IV Malignant Monster Changes in Patch 1.1.2

After the release of Patch 1.1.1, a lot of bugs have been disclosed to the developers. Bugs like repeating the Nightmare Dungeons or World Boss appearance getting Malfunctioned were discussed which developers promised to fix in the upcoming patch 1.1.2. The patch notes were released a few days before its update on 16 August 2023. However, some additional changes were also made that were not in the Patch Notes but were added later. One of the main changes was the Gameplay changes where developers reduced the spawn time of Malignant Monster after activating the Malignant Heart.

This Gameplay change does increase the pace of the game for the players who are hunting for the Caged Malignant Hearts. As players are required to defeat the malignant enemies to interact with the Hearts to cast the spell to spawn a Malignant Monster (mini-boss) to get the Caged Heart, the actual time of the whole process was 5 seconds. With the new patch, the time has been reduced to 2 seconds meaning on the cast of the ritual, it will only take 2 seconds for the Malignant Monster to spawn.

With this change, players will be able to defeat the Malignant Monster and retrieve Malignant Hearts more quickly, speeding up the farming for Malignant Hearts for players. It is a small change but it is somewhat appealing to the players as they won’t have to wait for the monster to spawn for 5 seconds.

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