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Dinkum: Bugs Guide



Dinkum: Bugs Guide

Dinkum is the new crafting and farming game themed around Australia. There are a lot of things in this game that players can do for their survival.

In this guide, we’ll tell you about bugs and what can you do with them in Dinkum.


You can catch bugs with your Net and then you can sell them to John for money. This is one of the early-game methods to make money. You’ll catch bugs in the start of the game and there are also some milestones for catching bugs. If you complete the milestones, you’ll get certain Permit points.

To catch the bugs, you’ll need to buy the Net from John once he is in the town or opened his shop. You can buy the Net from John for 1100 Dinks. After that you can start catching the bugs on the island and sell them to John for money. It is an easy way to make money but it would be helpful in the early game. There are also other things that you can do after catching the bugs. You don’t always have to sell them to john.

Once John has opened his shop on the island, new NPCs will start to visit your island. There’ll be an NPC named Theodore that will come to the island and will open his museum. You can choose to donate a single bug from each specimen of the bugs. There are characters as well in the game that will request you for the bugs and can give you much better items in return than the money. You can see requests of the people on the Bulletin Board and you can complete these requests to earn useful items. So, try to keep some bugs in your inventory to complete these requests or donate them to zoo.

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