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Dinkum: How to Earn Money



Dinkum: How to Earn Money

Dinkum is the new survival game in which the players will build their towns on an island and craft different items for their survival. But to get tools and other useful items, you’ll be going to need Dinks which is the currency in this game.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to make money easily in the early game and later in the game.

How to Make Money in Early Game

Early in the game, you can make easy money by selling Bugs and Fish to John at his store. You can catch bugs almost everywhere on the island and there are also plenty of lakes where you can easily catch fish. You can then sell them to john but before selling items to John, make sure to completely build his store. After his store is built, you can sell many items to John. You can also sell the Seashells to John and you can find seashells in great amounts on the edges of the island.

You can also make money by completing favors as they will give you Dinks as a reward. Make sure to talk to people around the town to find the favors. You can also complete the tasks on the Bulletin Board. These tasks will also give you some benefits along with Dinks. At the beginning of the game, you’ll be doing most of these tasks to progress further in the game so, try to do favors and sell items to john. If you have extra Wood or Planks then you can also sell them to John to get some Dinks.

How to make Money Later in the Game

As you progress further in the game, you’ll unlock new tools that will help you find rare items. After making some money early in the game, you’ll be able to buy the Metal Detector from John’s Store for 7000 Dinks. The Metal Detector is used to detect things under the dirt on the island or in the mines. It is needed to find precious rocks like rubies in the game along with other useful things as well.

To earn the most money, you want to search for the rubies in the mines. Because rubies are precious rocks that will sell for a high amount at John’s Store. After you’ve unlocked the Mines area, you want to go down into the mines through the elevator and look for the rubies. You can easily find up to 4 rubies in the mines area per day. After getting the rubies, you can return to John’s Store and sell the rubies for 40000 – 80000 Dinks each. You can easily make hundreds of thousands of Dinks every day by selling rubies.

You can also find other useful items in the mines as well. You can find Green Board, Old Keys, Shiny Discs, Hot Cylinder, and Old Contraption. But all of these items are also very useful for you as they are used to unlock more items that will be more beneficial for you. If you find any of these items, try to store it because you can use them later in the game. After they are no use of you then you can sell them to John’s store and Franklyn.

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