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Dinkum: Crafting Guide



Dinkum: Crafting Guide

Dinkum is a new survival game and just like any other survival game, you’ll have to do a lot of crafting to make useful things for you that’ll help you and make things easier.

In this guide, we’ll tell you about crafting in Dinkum.


To craft in Dinkum, you’ll be needing different workbenches. Each Workbench has its own role in the game that will be used to craft only particular items on it. You won’t be able to craft things on your hands so, you’ll be needing different workbenches. There are several workbenches in Dinkum that you’ll be going to need and they are the following.

  • Crafting Bench
  • Smelter
  • Table Saw
  • Cooking Stations

Each of these workbenches has its own role. Crafting Table is used to craft useful items along with other workbenches and decorative items. You can get the crafting recipes from Franklyn or by completing Favors and Tasks. After getting a certain crafting recipe, you’ll be able to craft it on your workbench with all the required ingredients.

The smelter is used to turn the Metal ingots (Ore) into bars. If you have Tin Ore then you can change it into Tin Bars, if you have Copper Ore then you can change it into Copper Bars, and if you have Iron Ore then you can change it into the Iron Bar. All the bars are used as an ingredient in other crafting recipes so, you must have a smelter.

A table Saw is used to turn the Wood into Planks. Most of the recipes will require planks as an ingredient and to get the planks, you’ll have to cut the wood on the Table Saw workbench.

There are different cooking stations that you’ll get as you progress the story and by buying Permits from Fletch. The cooking stations are only used to cook food on them which is very necessary to restore your energy and health if they are low. You can cook food with different ingredients. Camp Fire/BBQ only requires 1 ingredient to cook food so, if you have any fruit or meat, you can cook on it. But the other Cooking Stations will require multiple ingredients but they’ll also restore health and energy quickly.

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