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Dinkum: Everything About Cooking



Dinkum: Everything About Cooking

Dinkum is a new farming and crafting game that is a lot similar to Animal Crossing. You’ll be building a whole town on an Island and complete various missions for different NPCs to unlock new items for you in the game. But your character will also get tired and his energy will start running low to restore the energy, you want to eat some food.

In this guide, we’ll be telling you about cooking in Dinkum.


Dinkum is a survival game and just like in any other survival game, cooking plays a very important role in making your character stay alive and fit. If you are low on health or energy, your character will slow down and it would be harder for you to play in that situation. You can always eat fruits that you will get by cutting down the trees but the fruits will not restore that much energy. That is where cooking comes in because cooking fruits or meat will greatly increase your energy and you can work for more hours in the game.

You’ll get the Camp Fire/BBQ in the early game by completing the few objectives on Day 1. The Camp Fire/BBQ will only need a single ingredient to cook the food that will restore your energy more than eating raw fruits or meat. You can place fruit or meat on the Camp Fire/BBQ to cook the food. There are also other cooking tools in the game that will restore your energy more quickly but they will also require more ingredients for the recipe. The other cooking tools are the following.

  • Cooking Table
  • Keg
  • Grain Mill

These cooking stations can also be used to cook the food and to restore health and energy more quickly. All of these stations will require multiple ingredients in a recipe. But as you progress through the game, you’ll be able to gather many resources and ingredients for the recipes that you’ll be able to cook the food on these stations.

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