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Dinkum: Everything About Milestones



Dinkum: Everything About Milestones

Dinkum is a new farming and crafting game that is a lot similar to Animal Crossing. You’ll be building a whole town on an Island and complete various missions for different NPCs to unlock new items for you in the game. This game has a Milestone System that’ll give you Permit Points for completing a milestone. The Permit Points will let you buy new licenses that are very important to unlock new stuff for your character.

In this guide, we’ll tell you about the Milestones System in Dinkum.


Milestones are like missions in the game that will reward you with Permit Points on completing the missions. There are several milestones in the game that you’ll have to complete in order to get Permit Points to buy the Licenses from Fletcher. The Licenses will open new tools at John’s Goods store that you can buy with the Dinks.

Milestones have multiple levels as well and when you complete a level, it will give you a certain amount of Permit Points. Milestones’ higher level will have a higher reward as well, meaning as you complete more levels of a Milestone, you’ll get more Permit Points. You’ll be able to see the Milestones section in your journal by pressing the “Esc” key. You’ll unlock the Milestone by completing a level of any milestone in the game and on completing the first level, you’ll also get the Permit Points. So, to unlock different milestones, you’ll have to at least complete the first level of the milestones. For example, on catching 10 bugs, you’ll unlock the Bug Catcher Milestone and you’ll also get 200 Permit Points.

Dinkum also has a Daily Milestone option in which you’ll be to get a small amount of Permit Points by completing a small Milestone. The Daily Milestones are comparatively easier than the normal Milestones of the game. You’ll be able to gather hundreds of Permit Points by simply doing the Daily Milestones but keep in mind that these Daily Milestones are only for 1 day and after one day the milestones will change and new milestones will appear. So, you can gather a few hundred extra Permit Points every day.

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