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Disney Dreamlight Valley: 3-Course Halloween Meal (Quest) Walkthrough



Disney Dreamlight Valley: 3-Course Halloween Meal Quest

The new Disney Dreamlight Valley’s major update is now live with a ton of new content. New cosmetics, new storyline, new Event, and Star Path along with Halloween Duties. Players are now coming back to try out all of the new content in the game. One of the new Halloween Duties is the 3-Course Halloween Meal which might be a little confusing because there is no description for the duties.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to complete the 3-Course Halloween Meal in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

3-Course Halloween Meal

The 3-Course Halloween Meal quest was the only Halloween Quest that is not been figured out by anyone and people are waiting for the items that’ll help them complete this quest. On October 24, 2022, new candy buckets are spawning in the Plaza area near your house that can be collected. There are three buckets in total and by collecting each bucket, you’ll get a different Candy.

3-Course Halloween Meal

These buckets can be found in the Plaza area and you need to look around Mickey’s house, Scrooge McDuck’s store, and near your house. You’ll see a bucket on the ground shining. Pick up these buckets to collect the Candies and once you have all three different candies, you’ll be able to eat them from your inventory. Open the inventory and click on the candies and you’ll get the option to eat them. Eat all three candies to complete the 3-Course Halloween Meal.


After completing the quest, open the Quests’ menu and go to the Village quests and you’ll be able to collect the reward of a 3-Course Halloween Meal. By collecting the reward, you’ll get a Green Trick or Treater’s Bounty which is a green candy bucket and now you can place this bucket in your house or anywhere in the Valley.


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