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Disney Dreamlight Valley: Where to Find Gooseberries



Disney Dreamlight Valley: Where to Find Gooseberries

There are many resources and ingredients in Disney Dreamlight Valley that players can gather for crafting or cooking or even quests. The new storyline quests of Scar will require you to get many resources and ingredients for him and one of the ingredients that you have to get for Scar is Gooseberries which will be used to cook Snow White’s Gooseberry Pie for him.

In this guide, we’ll tell you where you can find Gooseberries in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Finding Gooseberries

Gooseberry is the late-game fruit that you can find in the last two biomes of the Valley. Gooseberry bushes grow in the Frosted Heights and the Forgotten Lands biomes. Both of these biomes require a vast amount of Dreamlight Points. However, the Frosted Heights biome is cheaper than the Forgotten Lands and you can get into the Frosted Heights biome by spending 13,000 Dreamlight Points. 3,000 Dreamlight Points are for entering into the Forest of Valor biome and then you can go up the staircase to the Frosted Heights which will cost 10,000 Dreamlight Points. Whereas, for the Forgotten Lands biome, you’ll be going to need 22,000 Dreamlight Points because Forgotten Lands can only be accessed through Sunlit Plateau which will cost you 7,000 Dreamlight Points and then 15,000 Dreamlight Points for unlocking the Forgotten Lands biome.

Once you are in one of these two biomes, you’ll start seeing new crops, herbs, and fruits. The Gooseberries grow on light-colored bushes that have big orange fruits on them. In order to get the gooseberries, you just need to go close to the bush and you’ll get the option to harvest the fruit. By harvesting the fruit, you’ll get 3 Gooseberries in total from 1 bush. You can find several bushes in an area.

Disney Dreamlight Valley: Where to Find Gooseberries

Gooseberries are used in several recipes and you’ll be going to need them for new main quests as well. You can also eat them to recover energy. Gooseberry recovers over 600 Energy and you can also sell them to Goofy for 50 Star Coins each.

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