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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Make Snow White’s Gooseberry Pie



Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Make Snow White’s Gooseberry Pie

Completing your last friendship quest with Scar will require you to make dinner for Scar and for the dinner, Scar will tell you to make a couple of dishes for him. Scar will give you the recipe for the dish and you’ll have to make a Snow White’s Gooseberry Pie.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to make Snow White’s Gooseberry Pie in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Making Snow White’s Gooseberry Pie

Scar will tell you to make a couple of dishes and give you the recipes for both of the dishes. One of the dishes that you have to cook is Snow White’s Gooseberry Pie and if you don’t know the ingredients of the dish then open your inventory and use the recipe books that Scar gave you. By using the books, the ingredients for the dishes will be known and added to your known recipes. Snow White’s Gooseberry Pie is a 3-Star dish and you need to gather the following ingredients for the dish.

  • Gooseberry
  • Wheat
  • Butter

Gooseberry is the main ingredient of the pie and you can only get gooseberries from two biomes. The Gooseberry bushes grow in the Frosted Heights and the Forgotten Lands and both of these biomes are the last biomes of the Dreamlight Valley. You’ll have to spend a vast amount of Dreamlight Points to unlock these biomes. Once you’ve unlocked any one of the two biomes, you’ll find new crops, herbs, and fruits in the area. The bushes that you need to look for is the light-colored bushes that have big orange fruit on them. You need to interact with these bushes and harvest gooseberries from them. You’ll get 3 Gooseberries from each bush.

Wheat is easily found in the Plaza and the Peaceful Meadows. You can buy it from Goofy’s Stall in the Peaceful Meadows. Butter can be obtained from Chez Remy Restaurant. Go inside the Restaurant and access the shop behind the Cooking Station to buy Butter from Remy. Once you’ve all the ingredients for the dish, go to any Cooking Station and put all of the ingredients in the Cooking Pot or you can also use the Autofill option to automatically throw the ingredients of the recipe.

After putting all of the ingredients in the Cooking Pot, click on the Start Cooking button to cook Snow White’s Gooseberry Pie for Scar. After that, you’ll be able to give Scar his meal in his cave in Sunlit Plateau.

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