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Disney Dreamlight Valley: A Gift in Crimson – Quest Walkthrough



A Gift in Crimson

A Gift in Crimson is the final Friendship Quest for The Beast that players will get to unlock once they have reached Friendship Level 10 with The Beast.

In this guide, we’ll be covering the A Gift in Crimson quest for The Beast in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

A Gift in Crimson – Walkthrough

Once players have finished the Crown or the Claw quest and leveled up their Friendship Level to Level 10 with The Beast, they will unlock the A Gift in Crimson quest. Players need to talk to The Beast and select the quest option to start the quest.

Gather Materials for Beast’s Greenhouse

As you talk to the Beast to start the quest, you will find him happy and he will require your help to bring the roses to the Valley. You need to gather the following materials for Beast’s Greenhouse.

  • 20x Glass
  • 10x Dry Wood
  • 5x Gold Ingot
  • 5x Crystal
  • 30x Soil

Craft the Beast’s Greenhouse

Once you have gathered all the required materials, go to the crafting station and craft Beast’s Greenhouse under the Furniture Tab. After that, you need to place Beast’s Greenhouse somewhere in the village.

Return to Beast

After placing down the Beast’s Greenhouse, go to the Beast and talk to him.

Go to the Beauty and the Beast Realm and gather Roses

Once you have talked to the Beast, go to the Beauty and the Beast Realm and make your way to the Beast’s old garden. Go to the center of the maze to reach the Beast’s old garden. Equip your Watering Can and water the dried roses from the dead bushes. By watering the dead bushes, new healthy roses will grow that you need to pick up. Pick up 12 roses in total to complete the objective.

Bring the Roses to the Beast

Once you have gathered 12 healthy roses, go back to the valley and give the roses to the Beast.

Give the Roses as a token of Friendship from the Beast

After giving the roses to the Beast, he will give you three roses that you need to give to the following villagers.

  • Wall-E
  • Mirabel
  • Mother Gothel

Talk to Beast

After giving the roses to the villagers, go back to the Beast and talk to him. You need to watch the Beast as he gives his most beautiful rose to Belle. After that, you need to talk to the Beast for the last time to conclude the quest.


Completing the A Gift in Crimson will earn players the following rewards.

  • 2830 Friendship Points with the Beast
  • The Beast’s Royal Blue Brocade Suit
  • Beast’s Greenhouse

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