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Disney Dreamlight Valley: Book Hunt – Quest Walkthrough



Book Hunt

The Book Hunt is a Friendship Quest for Belle that players will get to unlock once they reach Friendship Level 2 with Belle.

In this guide, we’ll be covering the Book Hunt quest for Belle in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Book Hunt – Walkthrough

After reaching Friendship Level 2 with Belle, talk to her and select the quest option to start the quest. Belle will ask you to find the missing books from Merlin’s Library and return them to Belle.

Talk to Villagers

You need to talk to the following villagers to ask them about the books they borrowed from Merlin’s Library.

  • Goofy
  • Remy
  • Mirabel
  • Scrooge McDuck

Open the map to see the location of each individual and then go to each one of them to ask about the books. As you talk with each villager, only Goofy will return the book to you which will be Bear in Mind Book.

Gather the Borrowed Books

After talking to all the villagers, you need to find their books.

  • Bear in Mind: Given to you by Goofy after talking to him.
  • Crafty Creatures: Pick up from the ground in the Plaza biome in front of the fountain.
  • Extraordinary RATventures: Fish out the book from the Golden Fish Circle in the ocean in the Dazzle Beach biome.
  • Coin Pool Theory: Use the Shovel to dig the shining spot in the Dazzle Beach biome.

Bring the Books to Belle

Once you have gathered all of the borrowed books, return them to Belle. After that, you need to follow Belle and listen to the conversation between Belle and Merlin.

Go to Dreamlight Library

The Dreamlight Library is mainly Merlin’s House so, make your way to Merlin’s House and you will find Belle inside. Talk to Belle for the last time to conclude the quest.


By completing the Book Hunt Friendship quest, you will get 400 Friendship Points for Belle.

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