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Disney Dreamlight Valley: The Beast with No Bite – Quest Walkthrough



The Beast with No Bite

The Beast with No Bite is a Friendship Quest for The Beast that players will get to unlock once they have reached Friendship Level 2 with The Beast.

In this guide, we’ll be covering the Beast with No Bite quest for The Beast in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

The Beast with No Bite – Walkthrough

Once players have reached Friendship Level 2 with The Beast, they need to talk to The Beast and select the quest option to start the quest.

Take Photos of Beast

The first objective of the quest is to do a little photo session of The Beast. You need to take photos of the Beast in the following locations.

  • In the Castle
  • In Remy’s Restaurant
  • Any exterior in the village

Go to each of the locations and open the camera to take a photo of the Beast. The selfies with the Beast also count in the required locations so, you can take any type of photos you want. Once you have done taking photos of the Beast, talk to him about the photo session.

Ask Villagers about Relationships

After talking to the Beast, you need to talk to the following two villagers about Relationships.

  • Mickey Mouse
  • Mirabel

Open the map to see the locations of the characters and then go to them to ask about the relationship pieces of advice for the Beast. Once you have done talking to both of the characters, go back to the Beast and let him know the relationship advice.

Get Date-Night Exterior Table

Now, you need to go to Scrooge McDuck’s shop and order a Date-Night Exterior Table. To do so, follow the following steps.

  • Talk to Scrooge and select the “I’d like to order some items” option.
  • Select the “Furniture” category.
  • Select the Requests Tab and then select the Date-Night Exterior Table to order it.

Ordering the Date-Night Exterior Table will cost 5,000 Gold and once you have ordered it, talk to the Beast to give him the date table.

Prepare Dishes for a Romantic Dinner Date

Once you have given the Beast the table, you will have to create three different dishes to make the perfect romantic dinner date for the Beast and Belle.

  • 2x Vegetable Soup: Any 2 Vegetables
  • 2x Seafood Pasta: Any 1 Seafood, 1x Wheat, and 1x Milk
  • 2x Gray Stuff: Any 1 Dairy Item (except Milk), 1x Sugarcane, and 1x Cocoa Bean

The ingredients listed for each recipe create only 1 food item and you will have to create 2 of every food item. Once you have created 2 of each food item, you will have to wait for the night (6 PM – 10 PM). The in-game time of the game is synced up to the actual time of your area so, you will have to wait for the night in real-time to progress or you can change the time of your system but make sure to save your progress before doing it.

Bring the Food to Beast

Once it is nighttime, give the food items to the Beast and then go into the Build Mode to place the Date-Night Exterior Table at a suitable location. After placing the table, a brief cutscene will start and you will get to take a photo with Belle and the Beast in front of the Date-Night Exterior Table.

Finally, you will get to talk to the Beast for the last time to conclude the quest.


Completing the Beast with No Bite quest will give the following rewards to the players.

  • 400 Friendship Points
  • 1x Date-Night Exterior Table

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