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Disney Dreamlight Valley: Chasing the Wind Quest Walkthrough



Disney Dreamlight Valley: Chasing the Wind Quest Walkthrough

After unlocking the Frozen Realm in the Dream Castle for 4,000 Dreamlight, you’ll need to find Anna’s sister in the Realm. After finding her, you’ll be given a quest named “Chasing the Wind” in which you have to calm down the Wind Spirit known as Gale.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to complete Chasing the Wind in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Chasing the Wind Quest

At the start of the quest, Elsa will tell you that Wind Chimes will be able to calm down Gale and she’ll give you 3x Twine which will be used to craft the Wind Chimes. After talking to Elsa, you need to gather the following resources for the Wind Chimes.

  • 15x Softwood
  • 3x Iron Ingots
  • 3x Twine

Twine will be already given to you by Elsa and you’ll have to collect Softwood and Iron Ingots. Return to the Dreamlight Valley and collect 15 Softwoods from the Plaza and Peaceful Meadows. You’ll find the Softwoods under the trees. Collect 15 Softwoods and then go to Forest of Valor to get Iron Ores. Smash the Black-Colored Rocks with your Pickaxe to get Iron Ores.

Collect 15 Iron Ores in total and then you need to access the Crafting Station. Go to the Refined Materials category and make 3x Iron ingots. After you’ve gathered all the resources, you’ll need to craft 3x Wind Chimes. Access the crafting station again and go to the Functional Items category and craft 3 Wind Chimes with the resources you’ve collected.

Disney Dreamlight Valley: Chasing the Wind Quest Walkthrough

After crafting the Wind Chimes, you need to return to the Frozen Realm and you need to place all three Wind Chimes on different trees near Elsa. Go to Elsa’s location and you’ll need to place the Wind Chimes on the marked trees. After placing all the Wind Chimes, the wind spirit will be calmed and you need to talk to Elsa to end the quest.

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