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Disney Dreamlight Valley Expansion Pass Roadmap for Upcoming Acts



Disney Dreamlight Valley Expansion Pass Roadmap for Upcoming Acts

Disney Dreamlight Valley: A Rift in Time was the first paid expansion for the base game released in December 2023. The expansion pass includes a new island named Eternity Isle along with a unique story. The Eternity Isle has three biomes where players can find three exclusive villagers/characters which include EVE, Rapunzel, and Gaston.

The first act of the expansion ends with players trying to fix the rift in time by listening to Jafar who happens to be just using you to get out of the palace and then flee. Recently, Disney Dreamlight Valley officially released the Expansion Pass Roadmap on their Twitter profile revealing the upcoming two Acts for the A Rift in Time expansion.

The second Act of A Rift in Time will be The Spark of Imagination released in the Spring of 2024, and the third Act of A Rift in Time will be Treasures of Time released in the Summer of 2024. The actual release date for both of the acts isn’t mentioned but as Spring is currently underway so, there is a high chance that we might get some more news on the upcoming Second Act of the expansion soon.

The Expansion Pass Roadmap reveals that in the second Act, players will get to uncover more secrets hidden within Ancient’s Landing and will get to befriend a “Very Lucky Villager”. The name of the new villager hasn’t been disclosed but there is high speculation that it might be Aladdin as at the end of the first act of the expansion, Jafar mentions that he wants to get revenge on Aladdin.

For the final Act, the Roadmap only shows the description of failing Jafar’s schemes and fixing the rift in time. It looks like players will have to wait for the act to drop and experience the next story events of the expansion.

Additionally, it is the best time to jump into the expansion as Disney Dreamlight Valley is having a sale on DLC only for Nintendo Switch. You can save 25% on the DLC: A Rift in Time purchase on Nintendo Switch.

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