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Palia Crosses 400K Wishlists Milestone on Steam



Palia Crosses 400K Wishlists Milestone on Steam

Palia is set to be launched on Steam in the following week on March 25, 2024. As announced by the Singularity Six team, they will be rewarding players with an exclusive Frogbert Plush item to everybody who wishlists Palia on Steam.

This decorative item is a special one as it gets bigger on every 100K Wishlist milestone achieved and with Palia confirming that they have crossed 400K+ wishlists on Steam, the Frogbert that is now being confirmed is already bigger than players’ character in the game.

Palia first announced their accomplishment of coming to Steam almost a month ago back in February and within a month, the game has over 400K Wishlists which is quite impressive as the game is already has its own launcher and also available on Epic Games.

Now, the only milestone left for Palia is the 500K Wishlist milestone which is looking very promising in the upcoming days. If Palia crosses 500K Wishlists before the launch date, all the players will get the 5 times of a regular Frogbert Plush which they will be able to claim from the News section.

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