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Disney Dreamlight Valley – Eyes in the Dark Quest – Walkthrough



Eyes in the Dark Quest

The new update of Disney Dreamlight Valley includes a lot of new content for the players and one of the new additions to the game is the two new characters, Simba and Nala. Players will be able to find them in the Lion King Realm and from there, they will be able to complete quests for them. The very first quest that players will get to complete in the Lion King Realm is for Nala and the quest will be “Eyes in the Dark”.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to complete Eyes in the Dark Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Eyes in the Dark – Quest

Talk to Nala at the start of the quest and then you will have to get the Thorn Bush Seeds. To get the Thorn Bush Seeds, dig the dried-out Thorn Bushes in the area and they will drop Thorn Bush Seeds. Get 5 Thorn Bush Seeds from digging the dried-out Thorn Bushes and then go to the Ledge. Now, plant the seeds in the holes under the ledge and then water them. After doing that, a cutscene will start, and after the cutscene, talk to Nala.

Now, go ahead and take out the Stumps by using the shovel. Go ahead on the path to reach the jungle and then talk to Nala. After the conversation, you need to go under the waterfall and use your Pickaxe to break the rock. It will lower the ledge and you will be able to go deeper into the jungle to meet Simba. Now, go over the ledge and talk with Simba. After that, follow Simba and listen to the conversation between Simba and Nala. Once you have done that, you will get to catch three different types of bugs. You will have to get 6 Colorful Bugs from digging the shiny ground in the dried-out oasis area. You will have to get 3 Slimy Bugs by fishing in the river in the jungle. After you have got two types of bugs, you need to go deeper into the jungle and remove the stump with the Shovel. It will reveal Red Bugs. Catch 6 Red Bugs and then you will get the next objective.

You will have to cook 3 Bug Platters for Nala using all three types of Bugs. You can go to any cooking station and there is also one cooking station inside the jungle. Access the cooking station and go inside the Recipe List and Autofill the Big Platter recipe to cook Bug Platter. You will have to do that three times in order to cook 3 Bug Platters. After that, bring the Platters to Nala and talk to her, she will tell you to find something that will help scaring off Hyenas from the Jungle.

Bug Platter

Now, go back to the Valley and go talk to Scrooge McDuck. He will give you a Broken Sound System that you will have to repair. In order to repair the Sound System, you will be requiring the following materials.

  • 10x Softwood
  • 5x Hardwood
  • 2x Iron Ingot
  • Broken Sound System

Once you have all the materials, go to any crafting station and go inside the Furniture Tab to find the Sound System Recipe. Repair the Sound System using the materials and then go back to the Lion King Realm. Give the Sound System to Nala and a cutscene will start in which Nala and Simba will scare off the Hyenas.

After the cutscene, talk to Nala, and then you will get the objective to place the Pride Rock in the Village. Go back to the Valley and go in the Furniture Mod to find a good place for the Lions. Place the Pride Rock on your desired spot and then you will have to use Scrooge McDuck’s Board to build the place. It will cost you 15,000 Star Coins to build the place.

After that, Nala will come to the Valley and you will get to take a picture with her. After that, simply talk to her and the Eyes in the Dark quest will be concluded.

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