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Disney Dreamlight Valley – How to Cook Bug Platter



Bug Platter

The new Disney Dreamlight Valley’s update contains a lot of new content for the players. The update has a lot of new quests, items, ingredients, cosmetics, and recipes that players can do and get as they explore the game. One of the new recipes in the game is Bug Platter that players will also have to make for Nala during her first quest named “Eyes in the Dark”.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to Cook a Bug Platter in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Ingredients for Bug Platter

The Bug Platter requires different types of Bugs that players will have to get. The Bugs are also newly added to the game so, you will have to get them by going to their respective environment in which they live. The Bugs that you need for the Recipe are the following.

  • 2x Colorful Bug
  • 2x Red Bug
  • 1x Slimy Bug

We have a guide on how to catch these required bugs in Disney Dreamlight Valley as well so, you can check out that guide to know how to get them.

Cooking the Bug Platter

Once you have obtained the required number of Bugs, you need to go to any cooking station and access it. There is also a cooking station inside the Lion King Realm that you can use instead of going back to the Valley. Once you are at the Cooking Station, you need to drag and drop the required bugs into the cooking pot. Add 2 Colorful Bugs, 2 Red Bugs, and 1 Slimy Bug. You can also go into the Recipes and select the Autofill on the Bug Platter Recipe to automatically add ingredients to the pot.

Bug Platter Recipe

Once you have added the ingredients, click on the Start Cooking option and it will cost 1 Coal Ore. After that, you will have the Bug Platter cooked.

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