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Disney Dreamlight Valley – Hakuna Matata Quest – Walkthrough



Hakuna Matata Quest

As players will unlock the new characters from the Lion King Realm, they will get to complete the quests for both of the characters, Nala and Simba. After unlocking Simba, you will have to level him up the Friendship with him to Level 2 and you will unlock his second quest named “Hakuna Matata”.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to complete the Hakuna Matata Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Hakuna Matata – Quest

Talk to Simba to start the quest and he will tell you to put on some casual clothes. You can put on any clothes you want. You can undo your clothes and re-wear them as well to complete the first objective. After changing your clothes, go back to Simba and talk to him. After talking to him, you will have to place the Seating and Landscaping in Peaceful Meadow biome.

Go to the Peaceful Meadow and go into the Build Mode. Select any 3 Chairs or Sofas from your furniture tab and place them in Peaceful Meadow to complete the Seating. Now, go into the quest requests and place any 5 Bushes, Plants or Trees in Peaceful Meadow to complete the Landscaping objective. Once you have done that, go back to Simba and talk to him.

After the conversation, go and talk to Scrooge McDuck. You will have to get the Pool from Scrooge’s Store either by ordering it for 9,000 Star Coins or by trading it for the following Gems.

  • 2x Shiny Aquamarine
  • 2x Shiny Peridot
  • 3x Topaz
  • 5x Peridot
  • 5x Garnet

It is better to order the Pool for 9,000 because it will save you a lot of time looking for these Gems. If you have the Gems already in your chests then you can trade them as well if you want. Go into the Order Option by talking to Scrooge and select the request to order the Relaxing Oasis. Once you have the Relaxing oasis, go back to the Peaceful Meadow and place the Relaxing Oasis in Peaceful Meadow.

Place Relaxing Oasis

After placing the Relaxing Oasis. Go back to Simba and talk to him to conclude the quest.

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