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Disney Dreamlight Valley – How to Take Pictures with Pets/Companions



Take Pictures with Companions

There are a number of Pets/Companions in the game that players will get as they feed the critters in the biomes. Some of the Companions unlock by completing the main quests of the characters in the game. In the previous updates, you will be able to pet the companion but in the latest update, you will also be able to take pictures with your pets/companions.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to take pictures with Pets/Companions in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Taking Pictures with Pets/Companions

In order to take pictures with your pets/companions, it is important that you have unlocked at least 1 companion in your playthrough. You can unlock the pet/companion by feeding the critters in the biomes. Once you have unlocked a pet, follow the following steps to take the pictures with your Pet/Companion.

  • Go to your desired place in the Valley where you want to take the picture.
  • Go into the Build Mode by pressing the F Button.
  • Select the Wardrobe Section and then select the Companions option.
  • Select the companion you want to take picture with.
  • Now, open the Camera by holding the TAB Key.
  • Change the Camera Mode to Full Picture from Selfie.
  • Now, select the Paw Icon in the Emote section of the menu to hold your selected companion in the picture frame.
  • Once you have done that, you only need to capture the picture to get a picture with your companion.
Select the paw icon

After taking the picture, you can save it on your personal computer or save it on the cloud. There might be some small duties for taking pictures with your companions in the future as well so, make sure to complete them as well for rewards.

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