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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How Far You’ll Go Quest – Walkthrough



Disney Dreamlight Valley: How Far You’ll Go Quest – Walkthrough

After unlocking Moana’s Realm, you’ll have to do a couple of quests for her before she agrees to come to the Valley. One of the quests that she’ll give you is “How Far you’ll Go” in which you have to sail to the ocean with her and find her stuff.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to complete the How Far You’ll Go quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How Far You’ll Go

After talking to Moana, you’ll be on a boat in the ocean and the quest will start. Talk to Moana and she’ll give you an old map. Open your Inventory and see the map to look at the memory. Talk with Moana about the memory and she’ll tell us to go through the mist but we can’t see in the mist so, we have to search an area first to find something useful that will help us in the mist.

You’ll get to choose from four different areas to look for an item. You can go to the following areas.

  • The Wrecked Boat
  • The Sea Stack
  • The Small Islands
  • The Coral Reef

Head to the Coral Reef and you’ll see a Torch laying against the rock. Interact with the Torch to pick it up and then talk to Moana to give her the Torch. After that, you’ll return to the edge of the Mist in the Ocean and you need to talk to Moana and tell her to sail across the Mist. After the black screen, look into the water and you’ll see a golden circle with bubbles in the ocean. Equip your Fishing Rod and cast the line inside the golden circle to catch the fish.

Disney Dreamlight Valley: How Far You’ll Go Quest – Walkthrough

After that, show Moana what you caught and she’ll agree to come to the Valley. After the dialogues, you’ll return to Moana’s Realm. Go to the Dreamlight Valley and place Moana’s Fale in the Valley. After placing the Fale, interact with Scrooge’s sign and pay 2,000 Star Coins for the construction of the Fale. Moana will be welcomed in the Valley and then talk to her to complete the quest.

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