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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Unlock Blueprints Table



Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Unlock Blueprints Table

There are different shops in the Dreamlight Valley from where you can get cosmetics, furniture, crops, fruits, resources, and much more. You’ll come across many recipes as you complete the quests and gather new resources from the new areas of the valley. You can also unlock recipes by getting the blueprint of an item and you can actually help Eric to open a Blueprint Shop in his house.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to unlock Blueprint Shop in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Unlocking Blueprints Shop

After freeing Prince Eric from Ursula, Eric will return to the Valley and you’ll be able to help him adjust to the valley again. After that, he’ll have some quests for you and as you complete them, you’ll increase your friendship level with him which will unlock more quests. After reaching friendship level 7 with prince Eric, he’ll give you a quest named “Back on the Waves” in which you have to make an item for him that will help him open a Blueprints shop in his house.

Talk to Scrooge McDuck to get some sea maps and then he’d give you a compass that you once gave him. Take the compass to Wall-E so he can fix it. Wall-E would say that it needs a Dreamlight Magnet which will fix the Compass. To craft the Dreamlight Magnet, you need to get the following items.

  • 4x Iron Ingots
  • 2x Tinkering Parts
  • 8 Crystals

Iron Ingots are made with Iron Ores and you can get them from Black Rocks in the areas of the valley. Tinkering Parts are made with Iron Ingots so, make more Iron Ingots and then use some of them to make Tinkering Parts. For the Crystals, you need to go to the Forgotten Lands biome and smash the Rocks to get the Crystals.

After that, go to the crafting station and craft Dreamlight Magnet. Give the magnet to Wall-E and he will repair the compass and give it to you. After that, Eric will tell you to meet him at his house. Go to his house and he’ll tell you about the Project Table and the quest will end. You can interact with the Blueprint table and he’d only be selling only 1 blueprint named “Compass Ottoman”. The Blueprints will change as you complete further quests of Eric and level up the friendship level.

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