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Hokko Life: How to Earn Gold Early



Hokko Life: How to Earn Gold Early

Hokko Life is a simulation game and you get to do a lot of things in this game. To get better items or equipment, you’d have to get blueprints and blueprints are very hard to get early in the game because they’ll cost a hefty amount of gold for the starting players of the game. But there is a trick to get a decent amount of gold even at the start of the game which will make a lot of things easier for you.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to earn Gold early in Hokko Life.

Earning Gold Early

You’ll get the gold as you complete the quests of the people in the town but it wouldn’t be enough for you to get new items for yourself or for your house in the town. To earn gold more quickly and at the start of the game, you can use a trick which is basically a game mechanic that’ll let you store the things around in the game area. After arriving in the town, you can pick up the benches, street lights, logs, etc. anything that you’d find in the town. Then you need to go to the General Store for Pawning. Sell all of the items to get a few thousand golds and it is a generally good way to start the game.

After making some progress in the game and opening Sally’s Workshop, you need to make a bridge that will allow you to go up on the ledge, and then you can walk up to the steps ahead. After going through the steps, you’ll get to a new area and the first street lamp on the right side always respawn when you load into this area. So, just pick up the lamp and go back to the steps and then go back to the area and the lamp would respawn. 1 street lamp has a selling price of 96 Gold Coins and you can carry 99 Street Lamps. It would take 20-25 minutes to collect 99 lamps from this area. After that, you can sell them in the General Store.

Hokko Life: How to Earn Gold Early

The other method to make gold much faster is by ordering things from the Creator Catalog. When you order something from the Creator Catalog, it costs nothing, and the items that you have ordered arrive immediately in your mailbox. You can sell these items for thousand of gold. You can also order these things again after they arrive in your mailbox.

By using these tricks, you can easily start your game off with a decent amount of gold which will let you get new items for yourself and your house and you can progress faster in the game.

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