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Hokko Life: Crafting Guide



Hokko Life: Crafting Guide

Hokko Life is a farming and simulation game in which you can do a lot of things. One of the main things that you have to do in the game is crafting to make useful tools for yourself or even make furniture for your house.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to do crafting in Hokko Life.


In order to craft the furniture and tools for yourself and the town, you’ll have to unlock Sally’s Workshop first and then you’ll be able to use the crafting stations inside her workshop. There are three different crafting stations in Hokko Life that are used for different purposes. The Crafting Stations that you use are the following.

  • Craft Station
  • Design Station
  • Paint Station

After you’ve unlocked sally’s Workshop, there’ll be only two crafting stations in the workshop and you’ll have to unlock the Paint Station by completing quests. For all of the stations, you’d need to get the Blueprints from Sally. The Blueprints are paid and you only have to buy them once and then you can craft that item as many times as you want. Talk to Sally and you’ll see different types of Blueprints. There are Designer Blueprints that you’d use in the Design Station, there are Crafting Recipes that you’d use in the Craft Station, Designer Pieces, and Brushes that you’d use in the Paint Station.

hokko crafting

In the Craft Station, you’d make different items with the resources that you’d collect. You can also make different decorations for your house or for the other villagers of the town. In the Design Station, you can create your own designed furniture. You can adjust its lengths, materials, colors, etc. In the Paint Station, you’d be making different wall designs, wallpapers, and t-shirts for yourself and the villagers of the town.

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