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Tunic: How to Find Fairies



Tunic: How to Find Fairies

In Tunic, you’ll be looking for pages in different places and these pages are the manual pages that’ll help you solve the main puzzles of the game to get the true ending. One of the main pages that you’d get is by finding the fairies.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to find fairies in Tunic.

Finding Fairies

Fairies are generally found by solving mini puzzles or finding the hidden spot in the area and opening the chests. There are a total of 20 Fairies in the game and by collecting 10 of them, you’ll get a manual page and if you collect all of them, you’ll unlock an achievement. After collecting 10 fairies, you’ll get page no. 48 of the manual in which you can see the list of all 20 fairies locations and the one you have already found will be marked with X by Tunic. You’ll also see a pattern on which Tunic is pointing and this pattern is basically a Seeking Spell that will help you find the fairy in the area. To cast the spell, you need to press the following buttons as Raw Code:

U, L, U, R, D, R

Tunic: How to Find Fairies

You can cast this spell any time and Tunic will shoot three lights which will go in the direction of the nearest secret as long as you are reasonably close to one. You can recast this spell unlimited times and there is no cooldown for it or limit for it. This spell will help you find all the secrets in the game and if you are near the fairy, it’ll also show you the way to get to the Fairy.

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