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Tunic: All Coins Location



Tunic: All Coins Location

There are 15 Gold Coins in the game and you can collect all of them and equip them and put them in the well. This will unlock Relic Slots for you.

In this guide, we’ll tell you all 15 locations of the coins that you can find in Tunic.

1st Coin Location

For the first coin, you need to come by the old house, go through the gate by the moss statues, come down the steps and you’ll find a secret staircase. Go down the stairs and you’ll find a chest and in that chest, you’ll find the first Gold Coin.

2nd Coin Location

For the second coin, go to the beach and take the shortcut behind the waterfall. Go along the path and go under the bridge and you’ll find a chest. Loot the chest to get the second Gold Coin.

3rd Coin Location

Go to the left side of the beach and take out the turrets on the island and then hook shot to a small island in front and you’ll find a chest there. Loot the chest to get the third Gold Coin.

4th Coin Location

Go to the Beneath the Well area and move to the next room from the water and then go to the secret room that will get you above the fire altar. Go around and interact with the chest to get the fourth Gold Coin.

5th Coin Location

Stay on the high ground and go to the right side of the ladder in the Beneath the Well area and follow the purple rail. After following it, you’ll reach an obelisk and you need to power it. Once it is powered, go back and follow the purple rail to the other end and you’ll enter a secret room in which you’ll find the fifth Coin.

6th Coin Location

This con can be found in the Dark Tomb, go to the end of the dark tomb and destroy the turret in the corner that is facing the wall. This will unlock a secret hallway to the room and you’ll find the sixth gold coin in that room.

7th Coin Location

Go to the East Forest next to the Fire Altar and then go through the trees and go down to the lower forest area. Go along the path and then go around the area to get to the chest in the lower area. Interact with the chest to get the Seventh Gold Coin.

8th Coin Location

Go to the Eastern Vault area and stay on the top balcony and enter the room with the fire altar, go through the next door and then go to the room with a purple rail and then go down the stairs of that room. Break the barrels in the room to get to a secret room and you’ll find eighth gold coin in the chest.

9th Coin Location

You can find this coin in the Quarry. You need to get to the second flame altar checkpoint in the quarry area and there’ll be a ladder on the right side. Go up the ladder and then follow the path. Open the first chest to get the Gold Coin.

10,11,12,13 Coins Location

You can find these four coins in the Swamp area. You can unlock these areas by progressing through the game. For the 10th coin, teleport to the pillars and keep going until you reach a short wall and there’ll be a chest there. Interact with the chest to get the coin. You can find the 11th coin right next to the Big Tombstone. Go straight from the obelisk until you reach the ending point and then right from there on the secret path at the end of the secret path, you’ll find the 12th coin. Now, go back and go up the ramps and go to the right side and keep going forward and you’ll see a chest right next to a broken tree. Loot the chest to get the 13th Gold Coin.

14th & 15th Coins Location

For the 14th and 15th coins, you can buy them from any merchant in the game. The price of 1 coin will be 999 coins so, you just want to take out as many enemies as you can to get the coins and then buy the Gold Coins from the merchant. Both of these coins will cost you around 2,000 coins.

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