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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Remove Mushrooms



Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Remove Mushrooms

Dreamlight Valley has different areas that you access by opening them with Dreamlight Points. All the areas have some obstacles that will stop you from going to a certain part of the area. One of the areas where you find the big mushrooms is the Glade of Trust.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to remove the Mushrooms in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Removing Mushrooms

When you unlock the Glade of Trust area with 5,000 Dreamlight Points, you’ll see that there are big purple mushrooms that are stopping you from going to the other side of the river. You can go to the other side by going in the build mode and changing the position of the well and then teleport there but it would take a lot of time as you’d have to change the location of the well again and again. To remove these big mushrooms, you’d have to upgrade your Watering Can to the max level.

In order to level up the Watering Can to max level, you’ll have to complete the Merlin Main quests and Friendship quests. Once you get to level 10 with Merlin, you’ll get a quest named “The Final Trial”. In this quest, Merlin will tell you to gather the resources and craft a “Royal Watering Can Upgrading Ointment”. This upgrading ointment can be crafted with the following resources.

  • 1x Falling Water
  • 1x Night Shard Powder
  • 1x Ice Heart
  • 25x Mushroom

You’ll have to get all of these items in this quest and after getting all of the resources, go to the Crafting Station and craft the upgrading Ointment and then go to Merlin. He’ll upgrade your Watering Can and you’ll be able to remove the Big Mushrooms by Watering them.

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