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Tunic: Glyph Tower – Puzzle



Tunic: Glyph Tower – Puzzle

The tunic is full of surprises and one of the strangest puzzles that you’ll witness is the Glyph Tower. Glyph Tower is one of the hardest puzzles in the game and you’ll have to get a few things before you unlock the Glyph Tower.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to solve the Glyph Tower Puzzle in Tunic.

Solving Glyph Tower – Puzzle

When you go out of your house, there is a little secret room that leads to your trophy case. You need to come in the right direction when you come out of your room. This trophy case room is also listed on Page 22 of the manual. This room will contain 12 Pedestals on which your collected trophies will be placed. All of the trophies are connected to the Platinum Boxes that you can find in different areas of the world.

If you have collected all of the pages of the manual then you can locate the location of all the trophies on page 54. This Memo Page has a diagram of all the 12 pedestals and each pedestal will have a number on it. The numbers are referred to the other pages of the manual. If you open the page mentioned on the pedestal, you’ll see inked marks on the page which will be showing the exact location of the trophy. After getting 6 trophies, a glowing globe will appear in the middle of the Pedestals. When you go inside the light of the globe, you’ll teleport to the Glyph Tower. You’ll see the strange glowing statues all along the outside of the tower and if you use the arrow keys or d-pad to mark the sign of the cross, you’ll see the glyphs appear in the front of the glowing statues.

If you open Page no. 54, you’ll also the additional Support & Secrets in which there are three points written in the Game’s Glyphs. You’ll have to decipher and translate it to know what to do next. We have already deciphered these points so you don’t have to. The translation of these glyphs is the following.

  • Find Some Rare Golden Statues
  • Traverse the glow to visit 12 strange beings
  • “Un Sing” to them the greatest song, the song of the golden path, as seen from within

The key here is understanding the difference between making the sign of the cross and specifically the golden path. The sign of the cross is used to solve any of the mini-puzzles but the golden path is specifically referring to the monstrous 100-character code that we used to open the door in the mountains. This means you have to work with the exact same code but you have to figure out a way to un sing it as seen from within. To do that, you have to follow it from the center outwards but you also have to mirror and flip it or invert it along the z-axis. The code that you have to enter in the Glyph Tower is the following.

D, L, D, R, R, D, L, D, L, D, L, U, L, D, R, D, L, U, U, R, R, D, R, U, R, D, R, U, L, U, R, U, L, L, U, R, U, R, U, L, U, L, U, R, R, D, R, U, R, D, R, U, R, R, D, R, U, L, U, R, D, R, U, R, U, R, D, L, D, D, R, D, L, U, L, D, R, D, L, D, L, D, R, U, R, D, L, D, R, D, R, D, L, U, L, D, L, U, L, D

After entering the code, the glyphs starting directly south of the entrance, they will read “Do you fear the eyes of the far shore .com”. Now, if you go to this website, you’ll get the ominous animation and if you down the audio file and open the properties of it, you’ll see the comment on this file by the developers saying “Thank you for playing”.

Maybe there would be more to this puzzle or maybe they add something to it in the future but you’d not get something else than this.

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