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The Spirit and The Mouse: The Girl and the Homework (Quest) – Walkthrough



The Spirit and The Mouse: The Girl and the Homework (Quest) – Walkthrough

After helping the Old Man. Lumion will tell you to come back to the Townhall and give him the Happiness that you got. After giving the Happiness to Lumion, he’ll tell you to get more happiness so he can be powerful enough to get home. He’ll tell you to go back to East Street and help the human.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to complete The Girl and the Homework in The Spirit and The Mouse.

The Girl and the Homework

Go to East Street and go down the street and use the Electrical Wirebox to go up to the window of the Girl. The girl will be doing her assignment but the electricity is not proper in her room and you need to fix the electricity so she can complete her assignment. Go to the Left side of the window to reach the roof and you’ll find Kibblin-Box. You need to feed 30 Energy to Kibblin-Box to boot up so it can fix the electricity in the girl’s room. After booting up, it’ll tell you to get all three Kibblins back so it can fix the electricity. The Kibblin-Box will remove the camouflage of Kibblins and you need to send them back to the Kibblin-Box.

Every Riddle Has an Answer (Kibblin Quest)

Come down from the roof and you’ll see the first Kibblin on your left side. Talk to him and he’ll tell you to solve riddles for him. Accept to solve his riddles and he’ll ask you how much the dark beverage costs. For this riddle’s answer, go back to the café and there’ll be a menu on the table in front of the café. Read the menu and note down the price of the Coffee. Go back to Kilearn and answer the riddle by entering 1.45 under the riddle. The second Riddle that he asks is about the Birth Date of Saint-et-Claire.

To get the answer to this riddle, come down to the street and go inside the garden that is on the left side of the house. You’ll see two more kibblins there but before talking to them, jump on the bench on your right and shock the plant to push it so you can climb on the pattern on the wall. Climb the pattern and go up on the wooden ledges. Make your way towards the plate on which the birth date of Saint-et-Claire is mentioned. Note down the date and return to Kilearn. Answer the riddle by entering 1222 under the riddle and Kilearn will return back to Kibblin-Box.

Power Sprint (Kibblin Quest)

Go to the Garden and talk with Kicoach, he’ll tell you that he is giving training to Kisprint for the event and he’ll ask you to see the speed of Kisprint. Accept to see the speed of Kisprint but you need to help Kisprint to reach the maximum speed. In order to do that, you need to shock Kisprint as he passes you. Every time you shock Kisprint, his speed increases by 10%. Shock Kisprint 10 times to increase 100% the speed of Kisprint and then Kicoach and Kisprint will return to Kibblin-Box.

Hide and Squeak (Kibblin Quest)

Go through under the wooden door before the garden and go up the stairs to find the last kibblins. Talk to them and they will tell you to play hide and seek with them and you’d be the seeker but you can only miss three spots. Accept to play hide and seek with them and they all will hide in the top area. They all will be hiding under the objects. You need to shock the object to catch them and you can only miss 3 spots. After 3 spots, you’ll be lost and you have to play it again.

To look for them, you need to wait and look at the objects that are glowing. After a few moments, you’ll see the energy coming out of the objects in which they are hiding. Remember the object in which you saw the energy and then shock all of them one by one to find them all. After finding them once, they’ll all tell you to play one more round and this time they’ll hide on the lower level. Use the same technique to find them all and after that, they all will return to Kibblin-Box.

Return to Kibblin-Box and interact with it to pass the current to fix the electricity in the girl’s room. The girl will be happy and happiness will appear near you. Grab the Happiness and the quest will be completed.

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