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The Spirit and The Mouse: The Old Man and The TV (Quest) – Walkthrough



The Spirit and The Mouse: The Old Man and The TV (Quest) – Walkthrough

After meeting Lumion the Spirit and getting to East Street of the Town, you’ll get a quest named “The Old Man and the TV” in which you have to fix the Antenna above the Café. Lumion will tell you to help the Old Man because happiness gives spirit power.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to complete the Old Man and the TV in the Spirit and the Mouse.

The Old Man and The TV

After listening to the conversation between the Old Man and the Bartender, Lumion will tell you to help the Old Man by fixing the Antenna so he can watch his show. Look in front of the Café and you’ll see chairs. Go towards the chairs and jump on one of the chairs and then jump on the platform. You’ll see dialogue on the screen which will tell you to shock the glowing objects. Press Y to shock the objects and you’ll get Energy. Shock all of the objects on the Platform to gather the Energy and then go to the left side and jump up then jump up on the right side and follow the path. Go up the platform and go to the right side.

Keep shocking the objects to gather the Energy. You’ll see a pattern on the wall that you can climb up. Climb on the pattern and then leave when you reach the next platform. Go straight on the path and you’ll meet the Kibblin-Box. The Kibblin-Box will require 25 Energy to turn on the East Antenna. You need to gather the Energy by shocking the Glowing objects in the area. You can get 25 Energy by shocking all of the objects on your path to the roof. Shock all of the plants and objects on the roof to gather the Energy. Once you’ve 25 Energy, interact with the Kibblin-Box again and feed him the Energy.

The Spirit and The Mouse: The Old Man and The TV (Quest) – Walkthrough

After feeding him the Energy, he’ll tell you to help 2 Kibblins in the area and he’ll be able to power up the Antenna. He’ll remove the Camouflage of the Kibblins so you can see them. One of the Kibblins will be standing on the roof. Go and talk to him and he’ll tell you to rotate the Antennas to align them in the direction of the East Antenna. Go down and you’ll meet the other Kibblin that will tell you to find 5 Fallen Letters so he can put them back in the mailboxes. After rotating the Three Antennas and finding all of the Fallen Letters, return to the Kibblins and they’ll return to the Kibblin-Box and the Kibblin-Box will be available to Power Up the East Antenna.

The Spirit and The Mouse: The Old Man and The TV (Quest) – Walkthrough

Return to Kibblin-Box on the roof and talk to him, select the option “Do It” to activate the Antenna. A cutscene will start in which the Antenna will turn back on and the show will start on the TV. Go down to the Café and listen to the conversation. After that, Happiness will appear on the floor. Grab the Happiness to finish the quest.

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