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The Spirit and the Mouse: The Lightning Rod (Quest)– Walkthrough



The Spirit and the Mouse: The Lightning Rod (Quest)– Walkthrough

There is a huge thunderstorm in the town and Lila the mouse had a long night. The mouse has come to a town named Sainte-et-Claire. The Mouse is going through the streets of the town and hears the villagers of the town from outside their houses. One of the villagers has lost her favorite Scarf and the Scarf has flown away and got stuck on top of the Pole. Lila the Mouse has thought to bring back the Scarf to the Villager to make a change in this town.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to complete the Lightning Rod in The Spirit and the Mouse.

The Lightning Rod

The Scarf of the Villager is stuck on top of an Electric Pole and you have to climb up on the pole to get Scarf back. You’ll reach South Square which is Sainte-et-Claire Townhall. Once you get control of the mouse again, you need to go straight and climb on the platform in front. You need to climb the off-white pattern on the platform to reach the upper floor of the platform. Press the jump action to grab the pattern and start going up and you’ll reach a metal platform.


Go to the right side and go up from the Wooden planks, jump on the box and you’ll see a fuse box. Go right from there and you’ll reach the Electric Pole. Once you get there, a Cutscene will start in which Lila the Mouse will climb the Electric Pole and start freeing the scarf from the pole. The Thunderstorm gets wilder and a Lightning Strike will hit Lila and the quest will be ended there.

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