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Disney Dreamlight Valley – How to Change Roles of Villagers



Change Role of Villagers

The new update “A Festival of Friendship” has a lot more content and things for the players. Players will be able to change the skins of their house, wallpapers, and much more. One of the most awaited things added to the game is the ability to change the roles of villagers. All the players will give a specific role to the villagers after meeting them but once it is given it cannot be changed. But, in the new update players will be able to change the roles of villagers.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to change the roles of villagers in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Changing Roles of Villagers

In the previous version of the game, players could not change the roles that they have assigned to the villagers. However, the newer version allows players to change the role of the villagers and players will finally be able to change the role of the villager that they wanted to change.

In order to change role of a villager, you will be required a Training Manual which is one of the new items added to the game. These Training Manuals are crafting recipes that players will have to craft at the crafting station. There are five different Training Manuals. One for each role and they all require different resources/materials.

Now, in order to change the role of a villager, follow the following steps.

  • Gather the resources for the training manual you want to apply on the villager.
  • After gathering the resources, you need to craft the training manual at the crafting station.
  • The Training Manual will be added to your inventory and now, you need to go to the villager of who you want to change the role.

NOTE: The villager of who you want to change the role, you must have Friendship LEVEL 10 with that villager.

  • Talk to the villager and select the “Gift” option.
  • Select the Training Manual as the gift.
  • Confirm the change of the role for that villager.

By following the steps, you will be able to change the role of the villager, you wanted to change for a long time. Make sure that you remember that you must be Level 10 with that villager. Otherwise, you will not get the option to change the role of that villager.

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