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Disney Dreamlight Valley – How to Get Items from Premium Shop



Premium Shop

Disney Dreamlight Valley’s new update has a lot of more content for the players and they also have added a new shop in the menu which is called “Premium Shop”. This Premium Shop will include different exclusive items for the players.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get items from the new Premium Shop in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Premium Shop

The new Premium Shop is out now in the latest update and it contains exclusive rewards for the players. The premium shop is now available under the “Shop” tab in the Menu of the game. When you go inside the shop, you will see the “Item Shop” which was locked in the previous update. The Item Shop is the Premium Shop and it will have up to 4 exclusive items which will change after every 5 days.

Getting Items from Premium Shop

The items in the Premium Shop can only be bought from the Premium Currency. Meaning, you will have to buy the items in the shop with Moonstone. Moonstone is the premium currency of the game which can only be obtained by opening the blue chests while staying online in the game or you can buy them in the “Moonstone” section of the shop with real money.

Since the exclusive items in the shop are comparatively expensive than most of the things in the game. The items price is even higher than the Premium Path so, the developers have increased the drop on Moonstone that players get from Blue Chests. Now, each day players can get 50 Moonstones by opening the Blue Chests in the valley.

Players can get items from the Premium Shop within the time limit. They will be able to get the items until it is available in the shop. Once they are gone, they might not return in the shop. Currently there is a Palace in the Shop for 3,750 Moonstones. It is a skin for your house and you can apply it on your house. Your house will turn into the castle from outside but it will remain the same from the inside. There is also exclusive furniture in the store that you can buy to give a luxury touch to inside of your house.

Buying Item from Premium Shop

Buying the item will only requires your confirmation when you select the item you want to purchase. Simply confirm the purchase after selecting the item and it will be put in your inventory from where you can equip it.

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