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Disney Dreamlight Valley – New Centennial Star Path & Duties



Centennial Star Path

Disney’s Dreamlight Valley’s new update is out now and it has some new content along with new characters, quests, items, shops, event, and duties. The new update contains a new questline for the two new characters that players will get to complete. There is also a new event called “Centennial Star Path” that players can take part in to get some cool rewards by completing its duties.

In this guide, we’ll tell you about the new Centennial Star path and its Duties in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Centennial Star Path

The new Event is called Centennial Star Path which is announced for One Hundred Years of Disney. Players will be able to redeem exclusive rewards from different tiers of Star Path. The rewards are redeemed with the special points which has a face of Mickey Mouse.

There are two Star Paths in this event. One is Free and the other one is Premium which requires Moonstones. If players want the Premium Star Path, they will have to spend Moonstone currency which is a premium currency of the game. Premium Star Path can be unlocked with 2,500 Moonstones and it will deliver more exclusive rewards in all tiers.

By upgrading the Star Path to premium, you’ll unlock three more duties that you can complete and earn more points. You’ll get points faster and you’ll be able to claim the premium rewards as well in the Rewards section of the Centennial Star Path.

Centennial Star Path's Rewards

If you don’t want to upgrade to premium then it’s okay, you’ll still be able to claim the rewards from the points you earn. There are many different cosmetics and skins in the rewards section for the non-premium Star Path as well. There are a total of 7 tiers in the Star Path’s reward section and players can get rewards from each of the tiers. Players can unlock the next tier by redeeming at least three rewards from the previous tier. Each tier is filled with different rewards like Moonstones currency, recipes, outfits, crafting recipes, companions, and much more.

Centennial Star Path’s Duties

Players will only be able to get the Star path points from completing its Duties. Duties can be seen in “Duties” section of the event. If you have a free Star Path then you will be able to complete three duties on the daily basis and get points in return. If you have a Premium Star Path then you will have 6 Duties on daily basis and you can get points by completing them.

Centennial Star Path's Duties

The more duties you complete, the more rewards you will be able to redeem from each tier of the star path. All of these rewards will be unlocked in your inventory and you will be able to place the rewards in your house or in the valley.

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