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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Complete A Home For the Holidays – Holiday Duty



Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Complete A Home For the Holidays – Holiday Duty

Disney Dreamlight Valley’s new update is live with a lot of new items, cosmetics, quests, and places. This new update contains a new storyline for Pixar’s Toy Story characters and a new event has been added to the game as well. This new Event is for Holidays and players can complete certain challenges to get points and also complete the Holiday Duties to get exclusive rewards.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to complete A Home for the Holidays Duty in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

A Home for the Holidays

“A Home for the Holidays” is an Exclusive Duty added in the new update of Disney Dreamlight Valley from which players can get an exclusive Present/Reward in their inventory. Players can see the Home for the Holidays Duty along with other Exclusive Holiday Duties in the Village Section under the Quests tab in the main menu of the game. These Exclusive Duties are marked with a logo of Present so, players can easily recognize them and complete the requirement to get the rewards.

Completing A Home for the Holidays

As for the name of the Duty, it has to do something with your house but the main question would be what exactly you have to do. If you have decorated or renovated your house in the game, you would know that there are different furniture items. In the new update, there are many new Festive Furniture recipes that players can craft. On top of the duty, you will also see the number of pieces of furniture that you have to place in your house. So, in order to complete the duty, players will have to place any 5 Festive Furniture in the house.

All of the Festive Furniture can be seen in the Furniture Section under the Wardrobe section. Scroll down to see all of the new furniture recipes added to the game and you can see the crafting recipes for the furniture as well. Gather the resources for the furniture you want to place in your house and craft them at the crafting station.

As there is also a Festive Star Path in the update, you can also unlock Festive Furniture from there. If you have enough Present Points of the Star Path, go into the rewards to claim all sorts of rewards from different tiers. The easiest way to complete this duty is to claim the “Holiday Feast Chair” and “Festive Dinner Table” from the rewards of Star Path. You will get 4 Chairs and 1 table by claiming these Furniture items.

Once you have all the Festive Furniture, go into your house and open the Furniture section to see all of the Furniture items you have. Scroll down and select the chairs and the table to place in the house and complete the Duty.


After placing the Furniture, open the menu and go into the Quests tab, and select the Village section. You will see A Home for the Holidays Duty completed and just click on the Collect option to retrieve the Present of Winter Carpet.

home for the holidays in disney dreamlight valley

You can place this new carpet in your house along with all the Festive Furniture to give the look of proper Holidays.

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