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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Complete Dreamlight Valley’s Next Top LeFou Quest



Disney Dreamlight Valley - Dreamlight Valley's Next Top LeFou quest

Dreamlight Valley’s Next Top LeFou is the final Friendship Quest for Gaston that players will get to pursue after completing the No One Heroes Like Gaston quest. It is a Friendship Level 10 quest that requires players to help Gaston find his new sidekick.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to complete Dreamlight Valley’s Next Top LeFou quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to Complete Dreamlight Valley’s Next Top LeFou Quest

Start the quest by talking to Gaston upon reaching Friendship Level 10 with him and you will get the objective to find the potential new sidekicks. Talk to the following villagers to see if they want to compete to become Gaston’s new sidekick.

  • Stitch
  • Donald Duck
  • Olaf
  • Minnie Mouse
  • Vanellope

After talking to the villagers, go and talk to Gaston to tell him about the interested villagers. Now, go talk to Stitch and ask him to hang out with you as you complete the next objective of cooking several meals. Go to any Cooking Station with Stitch following you and prepare the following meals.

  • Hard-Boiled Eggs
    • Recipe: Egg
  • Scrambled Egg
    • Recipe: Egg, Cheese
  • Omelet
    • Recipe: Egg, Cheese, Milk
  • Coffee
    • Recipe: Coffee Bean
  • Coconut Cake
    • Recipe: Coconut, Wheat, Egg, Sugarcane

Once you have prepared all of the meals, bring them to Stitch. Now, talk to Olaf and ask him to hang out with you as you pursue the next objective of conquering nature by removing the following obstacles across Eternity Isle.

  • 3x Glass Stalagmite – Found in Glittering Dunes, Removed using the Royal Pickaxe.
  • 5x Swirling Sands – Found all over the Eternity Isle, Removed using the Royal Hourglass.
  • 5x Copper Rocks – Found in Ancient’s Landing, Removed using the Royal Pickaxe.
  • Pick up any 5 flowers from Eternity Isle.

After removing the obstacles and foraging the flowers, bring the flowers to Olaf so that he can report back to Gaston. While Olaf reports to Gaston, complete any 3 Dreamlight Duties. You can find all the available Dreamlight Duties under the ‘Dreamlight’ tab in the menu. Once you have completed the duties, talk to Gaston and he will tell you to gather the following materials for Gastonian Appreciation Stage.

  • 30x Tropical Wood – Obtained by foraging the wood in The Grasslands area (Wild Tangle).
  • 5x Copper – Obtained by removing the Copper Rocks.
  • 5x Plastic Scrap – Obtained by fishing in the open water in the Eternity Isle.
  • 5x Blue Glass-Like Flowers – Found in The Plains and The Wastes areas (Glittering Dunes).
  • 5x Blue Luminescent Flower – Found in The Overlook and The Ruins areas (Ancient’s Landing).

Once you have gathered all of the materials, access a Crafting Station and craft the Gastonian Appreciation Stage. Place the Gastonian Appreciation Stage anywhere in the Eternity Isle and then take a picture of all the contestants on the stage. Talk to Gaston and let him congratulate his new sidekick.

He will either congratulate Stitch or Olaf so, whomever he congratulates, talk to them and then return to Gaston to conclude the quest.


Completing the Dreamlight Valley’s Next Top LeFou quest will give the following rewards to the players.

  • 3,080 Friendship Points
  • Gaston’s Portrait

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