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Disney Dreamlight Valley: No One Heroes Like Gaston



Disney Dreamlight Valley - No One Heroes Like Gaston quest

No One Heroes Like Gaston is a Friendship Quest for Gaston that players will get to pursue after completing the Gaston the… Hero? Quest. It is a Friendship Level 7 quest that requires players to dress like Gaston, eat like Gaston, and workout like Gaston in the gym.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to complete the No One Heroes Like Gaston in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to Complete the No One Heroes Like Gaston

Start the quest by talking to Gaston upon reaching Friendship Level 7 with him to get an objective to mimic Gaston’s style. To dress up like Gaston, you need to open the wardrobe and equip the following clothes.

  • Red Top
  • Black Pants
  • Brown Shoes
  • Any Gloves

Once you have dressed up like Gaston, return to him to show your outfit to him and he will tell you to gather the following ingredients for a dangerous breakfast.

  • 5x Piles of Cobra Eggs
  • 2x Piranha

Piles of Cobra Eggs is a quest item and spawns around the Glittering Dunes biome. We found all 5 Piles of Cobra Eggs in The Plains area of the biome. If you don’t find all of them in a single area, explore all the areas of the biome. Piranha is fished from the Gold Ripples in The Lagoon area of the Wild Tangle.

Upon gathering the required ingredients for the dangerous breakfast, return to Gaston and give him the items. He will tell you to eat the many eggs as you can along with a raw Piranha. Open the inventory and consume all of the eggs and a Piranha. After eating the dangerous breakfast, return to Gaston and he will tell you to gather the materials for the gym.

  • 20x Coconut – Obtained by harvesting the Coconut Trees in the Dazzle Beach biome.
  • 2x Brass Ingot – Obtained by crafting at a Crafting Station.
  • 30x Tropical Wood – Obtained by foraging the wood in The Grasslands area (Wild Tangle).
  • 30x Stone – Obtained by mining the Rock Deposits.
  • 20x Fiber – Obtained by crafting at a Crafting Station.

After gathering all the materials for the gym, access the Crafting Station and craft Gaston’s Coconut Gym. Now, go to Scrooge McDuck’s shop and order a Queen of the Sea Mirror costing 6,400 Star Coins. Upon getting the gym’s furniture, make your way to The Docks area (Ancient’s Landing) and place both of the items.

Once you have placed the gym items, you need to invite Maui to train at Gaston’s Gym. Open the map to find Maui and then go talk to him to invite him over. Maui and Gaston will have a brief workout at the gym and after that, talk to Gaston. Take 3 pictures of Gaston and show them to him. He will tell you to remember to show off your fitness so now, you need to bring the pictures to the following villagers.

  • Scrooge McDuck
  • Rapunzel
  • Maui

After bringing the pictures to the villagers, go back to Gaston and talk to him to conclude the quest. Completing the quest will reward players with 2,200 Friendship Points.

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