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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Get Brass Ingot



Disney Dreamlight Valley - Brass ingot

Disney Dreamlight Valley’s first expansion, A Rift in Time has several new Refined Materials that players will get to craft at the crafting station and one of them is Brass Ingot. It is an exclusive material for the A Rift in Time expansion owners that they will get to craft and utilize in various crafting recipes as well as for completing various friendship quests for the new characters.

In this guide, we’ll go over how to get Brass Ingot in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to Get Brass Ingot in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Brass Ingot is a new refined material exclusive to A Rift in Time expansion owners meaning players will first have to buy the expansion to get access to this recipe. Once players have bought and installed the expansion, they will have to gather the required materials for it to craft at the crafting station.

The required materials for crafting Brass Ingot are the following.

  • 3x Copper
  • 2x Zinc
  • 1x Coal Ore

Copper is obtained from breaking the Copper Rocks found all over Eternity Isle whereas Zinc is found by mining the nodes in the Wild Tangle biome. Upon gathering all the required materials, go and access any crafting station and navigate to the Refined Materials tab to find the Brass Ingot recipe.

Select the Brass Ingot recipe to craft it and you will be able to use it to craft other refined materials such as Mechanical Parts which are required for completing EVE’s friendship quest or craft various decorative items. The selling price for Brass Ingot is 135 Star Coins that you can sell to Goofy at any one of his stalls both in Eternity Isle or Dreamlight Valley.

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