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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Get Mechanical Parts



Disney Dreamlight Valley - Mechanical Parts

Mechanical Parts are one of the new Refined Materials in Disney Dreamlight Valley exclusive for the owners of A Rift in Time expansion. It’s initially asked for players to get it during EVE’s friendship quest with a mention of time-bending. However, it can be confusing because it does not have anything to do with the Timebending Table (a new crafting station) but requires the old crafting station.

In this guide, we’ll go over how to get Mechanical Parts in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to Get the Mechanical Parts in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The Mechanical Parts are a new Refined Material that can be crafted at a Crafting Station alongside other Refined Materials in the game. However, it is only available for the players who have the A Rift in Time expansion.

Once players have got the expansion, they will need to progress into the main story and unlock EVE to pursue her friendship quests. Eventually, players will get the objective to craft the Mechanical Parts which are crafted using the following refined materials.

Both of these materials are Refined Materials and are crafted at the crafting station. Upon crafting these refined materials, use them to craft the Mechanical Parts whose recipe is also found in the same tab.

Apart from using the Mechanical Parts to complete the quest, you will also be able to use them in various crafting recipes as well and you can sell also them to Goofy at one of his stalls for 275 Star Coins.  

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