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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Complete The Scientific Method Quest



Disney Dreamlight Valley - The Scientific Method

The Scientific Method is the second Friendship Quest for Jack Skellington that players will get to complete after completing the Pumpkin King Returns quest and reaching Friendship Level 4 with him. It is one of the latest questlines for all players as it isn’t exclusive to A Rift in Time expansion.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to complete the Scientific Method quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to Complete the Scientific Method Quest

Start the quest by talking to Jack Skellington and he will tell you to meet him inside the Vitalys Mines in Sunlit Plateau. Go inside the Vitalys Mines and meet with Jack Skellington. He will tell you to gather some supplies for the laboratory that he would like to make in the mines. Gather the following supplies around the Valley.

  • 12x Softwood – Found underneath the trees all over the Valley.
  • 8x Coal Ore – Obtained by mining the mine deposits.
  • 4x Empty Vial – Crafted at the Crafting Station.
  • 3x Fabric – Crafted at the Crafting Station.
  • 3x Iron Ingot – Crafted at the Crafting Station.

After gathering all the required supplies, go to the crafting station and craft the Scientific Kit. Bring the Scientific Kit to Jack Skellington in the Vitalys Mines and then he will tell you to gather 6x Night Shard. You can find the Night Shard by digging the sparkling spots on the ground all around the Valley.

Once you have the Night Shards, bring them to Jack Skellington in the mines. Jack will accidentally grow a giant Night Thorn inside the mines and you need to consult with Merlin on how to remove it. After talking to Merlin, you need to go to Merlin’s House and grab 4 different potions scattered around his library.

Upon getting all 4 Potions, return to the Vitalys Mines and place the Yellow Potion on the Giant Night Thorn to remove it. If you place any other Potion on the Night Thorn, it will not be removed. Talk to Jack after placing the potion and a Night Thorn Sprout will appear in the place of the Giant Night Thorn.

Grab the Night Thorn Sprout from the ground and bring it to Jack Skellington to conclude the quest and you will get 1,320 Friendship Points as a reward.

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