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Palia: How to Get & Use the Ore Compass



Palia - Ore Compass

Palia offers seven different tools and each one is used for a certain guild and activity that will help players level up in that respective guild which unlocks new recipes and items. Leveling up in the guilds can offer useful items and essential recipes that are required for further progression in the stories but some guilds can offer additional equipment items that can be used in the adventure. One such item is an Ore Compass that is used for tracking the Mining Nodes that contain Gold Ores and Palium Ores for a certain amount of time.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get and use the Ore Compass in Palia.

How to Get the Ore Compass in Palia

Ore Compass is one of the late-game items in the game and players will be able to get it by two different methods.

  • Craft it at the Worktable.
  • Purchase it from the Mining Guild Store.

To craft the Ore Compass at the Worktable, players will first have to level up in the Mining Guild and reach Level 8 to unlock its recipe at the Mining Guild Store. The Ore Compass recipe will cost 2,500 Gold and will require the following materials.

All of the required materials are the Refined Materials which are forged in a Smelter. Once you have forged all of the materials, interact with the Worktable to craft the Ore Compass.

For the Purchasing Method, players will first have to reach Level 10 in the Mining Guild. It will unlock the Ore Compass item in the Mining Guild Store and players will be able to purchase it for 50 Mining Medals.

How to Use the Ore Compass in Palia

Upon acquiring an Ore Compass, players can activate the compass by equipping in the hand and pressing the RMB (Right-Mouse Button). It will activate the Ore Compass for 15 minutes highlighting all the rare Mining Nodes that contain Gold and Palium Ores. The highlighted Mining Nodes will start showing on the HUD on top of the screen.

NOTE: The Ore Compass is a one-time use and needs to be acquired again to use it.

Simply follow along the marked Mining Nodes and mine them using the respective upgrade of Pickaxe to obtain the Rare Ores. Since all the rare ores are found in the cavern areas of the Bahari Bay region, it is best to activate the Compass near the cavern areas to mine the maximum number of nodes.

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