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Palia: How to Complete the Backbone of the Community Quest



Palia - Backbone of the Community quest

The Backbone of the Community is a Friendship Quest for Chayne that players will get to start after reaching Friendship Level 2 with him. Chayne is bothered about something and players must find out why he is bothered and what they can to cheer him up.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to complete the Backbone of the Community quest in Palia.

How to Complete the Backbone of the Community Quest

As players reach Friendship Level 2 with Chayne, Kenli will appear in the Plot area of the players to discuss something about Chayne. Players need to go to their plot area and talk to Kenli to learn that Chayne is bothered about something. It will start the quest and players will get the objective to talk to Chayne.

Open the map to see where is Chayne and then go talk to him to learn that he has broken his telescope and is unable to make a new one. Now, you need to talk to someone who knows about machines and is capable of making a new telescope for Chayne. There is only one villager with the skills of machinery and that is Najuma.

Go to Bahari Bay and speak with Najuma to fill her in on the situation. She will give you the list of all the required materials for making a telescope.

  • 2x Glass Pane: Foraged in Glass Furnace using Stones.
  • 5x Silver Ore: Obtained from mining Copper Nodes.
  • 10x Heartwood: Obtained from cutting the trees in Bahari Bay.

Once you have gathered all of the required materials, go to Chayne with all the materials to cheer him up and conclude the quest.


Completing the Backbone of the Community quest will give the following rewards to the players.

  • 10x Sweet Leaf
  • 10x Dragon’s Beard Peat
  • 20 Renown
  • Improved Relationship with Chayne

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