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Palia: How to Get Glass Pane



Palia - Glass Pane

The World of Palia is enriched with exquisite materials that players would be getting throughout the game to use to craft useful items. Players will not be needing only natural materials but they will also have to get Refined Materials. Glass Pane is one of the mid-game Refined Materials in Palia. It is required for several crafting recipes throughout the game and players will need them to progress in the game.

In this guide, we will tell you how to get a Glass Pane in Palia.

How to Get Glass Pane in Palia

Glass Pane can be obtained from two different methods in Palia. You can either buy Glass Pane from the Blacksmith Shop in Kimila Village or you can craft it on your own at the Glass Furnace Crafter. Each Glass Pane will cost 50 Gold if you buy it from the Blacksmith Shop. If you want to craft a Glass Pane, then you will have to unlock the Glass Furnace.

After unlocking the Glass Furnace and getting the Glass Pane recipe, you will be able to make 1 Glass Pane with 10x Stone. It will take 8 minutes in total for 1x Glass Pane to be forged in the Glass Furnace. You can place multiple Stones at a time in the Glass Furnace and it will craft Glass Pane until it runs out of Stones but each Glass Pane will be crafted after 8 minutes.

To speed up the process, you can build more Glass Furnaces and split the Stones among them to get Glass Panes more quickly. Glass Panes can be sold for 13 Gold and they are mainly used for crafting the Glass Bulb which is another essential material for furniture building and aesthetics.

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