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Palia: How to Get the Glass Furnace



Palia: How to Get the Glass Furnace

If you’re eager to enhance your Carpentry skills and incorporate some glass elements into your home, the Glass Furnace is your solution. The Glass Furnace, found within Palia, allows you to create Glass Panes and Glass Bulbs, contributing to the visual appeal of your abode. This guide will walk you through the process of acquiring the Glass Furnace in Palia.

Acquiring the Glass Furnace in Palia

To acquire the Glass Furnace, you must first unlock its recipe by advancing to Level 2 in the Furniture Making activity. Achieve this by crafting wooden furniture items such as chairs, tables, and wardrobes until you reach Level 2. Afterward, approach Tish, and she will present you with new recipes available for purchase in her store. Among these offerings, you will find the Glass Furnace, priced at 100 Gold. Once the Glass Furnace recipe is in your possession, proceed to craft it at the Worktable.

Crafting the Glass Furnace

Crafting the Glass Furnace necessitates the following materials:

  • 15x Stone Brick
  • 2x Copper Bar
  • 3x Ceramic
  • 2x Flint

Most of these materials are refined crafting components produced in the Smelter. Ensure that you have unlocked the Basic Smelter to create Stone Brick, Copper Bar, and Ceramic components. Flint, on the other hand, can be readily acquired by mining rocks within your plot area or in other areas of the world map.

Palia: How to Get the Glass Furnace

Once you have gathered all the required materials, visit the Worktable and navigate to the Crafters tab. Inside, you will find the Glass Furnace recipe. Select this recipe and then choose the Make option to initiate the crafting process for the Glass Furnace.

Upon successfully crafting the Glass Furnace, you can position it within your plot area. This will grant you access to crafting Glass Panes and Glass Bulbs. Remarkably, there is no need to obtain separate recipes for Glass Panes and Glass Bulbs; both recipes will be automatically unlocked upon obtaining the Glass Furnace

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