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Palia: How to Get Silver Bar



Palia: Silver Bar

The World Map of Palia is filled with various riches that players will have to get to craft into more exquisite items either for their tools, house, items, furniture, or much more. Some of the materials can be turned into refined materials which can be then used for advanced crafting recipes.  One of the refined materials that players can get for various reasons is Silver Bar.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get Silver Bar in Palia.

How to Get Silver Bar in Palia

Silver Bar is a refined material in Palia and you can get it by smelting the Silver Ores into a Smelter. There are various Smelter Types that you can unlock in Palia and one of the early ones is Basic Smelter which you can unlock by reaching Level 2 of Mining Activity. Once you have reached Level 2 of Mining Activity, you will be able to buy a Basic Smelter recipe from Hodari for 100 Gold. However, you would also have to get the Silver Bar recipe which unlocks at Level 4 of Mining Guild. Reach Level 4 of Mining Guild and buy the Silver Bar recipe for 250 Gold.

You cannot make Silver Bar without any of those 2 items so, it is important to get them. After getting the recipe, making the Basic Smelter, and placing it on the Plot, you will be required to get 5x Silver Ore to turn them into 1 Silver Bar. Silver Ores can be obtained by mining the Copper Nodes alongside the mountain area in Kilima Valley.

After getting the Silver Ores, players need to interact with the Smelter and select the Silver Bar recipe to place them in the Smelter. It will take 3 hours to make 1 Silver Bar and players can retrieve it by interacting with the smelter and selecting the Silver Bar from the Completed Jobs Blocks.

Silver Bars are required for several furniture items along with an equipment item named ‘Ore Compass’ that is used for tracking the rare mining nodes. Silver Bars can also be sold at the Shipping Bin for 255 Gold each but it is best to hold on to them as several villagers might have a weekly need for it.

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